Creating a new future for
people, place and planet

Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP): Creating a new future for people, place and planet.

MSIP is an ambitious joint venture between Dundee City Council, Michelin, and Scottish Enterprise. An Innovation Parc created to drive growth and diversity in the Scottish economy while addressing the global climate emergency.

Covering a 32-hectare site in Dundee, we aim to deliver a world class innovation centre, driving global research  while influencing and supporting breakthroughs in sustainable mobility and low carbon energy.

MSIP will provide industrial spaces and facilities to a wide variety of organisations, research institutions and industry trailblazers addressing the global challenges facing our community, country and planet.

At MSIP, we have three core values – People, Place and Planet.




For People

A vibrant community with an abundance of expertise; an opportunity for businesses to connect and create strategic links.

Scotland has a global reputation for bringing industry and academia together to generate new ideas. And Michelin has a proven track record in innovation, operating competitively in a changing world.

We are focused on attracting those who see the potential of basing themselves in Dundee, providing sustainable jobs across a variety of skillsets creating local and national opportunities both now and in the future.

A global hotspot for businesses, innovators and thinkers in this field to face climate change head on, MSIP will boost the Scottish economy by enabling the development of commercially competitive business models and training new talent for future needs.


For Place

A dynamic space, home to an ever-evolving mix of small, developing and large companies, pre and post start-ups, project teams from larger companies, researchers and students.

Located in the North East of Scotland, MSIP has extensive space for growth within the 32-hectare site. With excellent road, rail and air links to the rest of the UK it is an ideal nucleus for international business.

We are a vibrant and ambitious innovation Parc, where industry and academia can come together at our Innovation Hub and Skills Academy. From small technology start-ups and hot-desking to large manufacturing and distribution businesses MSIP is a totally flexible workspace.

Focused on sustainable mobility and low carbon energy, the space has been designed for manufacturing and warehousing and can be adapted to fit any purpose. There is also office accommodation available on site and tenants will have access to business support and competitive, green energy delivered from sustainable sources.


For Planet

MSIP will capitalise on current policy enabling Scotland to be at the forefront of the climate change movement. Underpinning all our activities is a collaborative approach to achieve the goal of zero carbon.

Our global transport sector is changing. With the development of and transition towards low emission vehicles, MSIP is a prime environment for ideas to thrive within.

We want to be a globally recognised centre of excellence; a world-leader in sustainable mobility and low carbon energy that will be of practical use to industry.

We will focus on research while reflecting the values of our partners and supporters and from innovation to implementation, we can help you to become part of the growing movement responding to the climate change crisis.

Scotland's Home for




Manufacturing Unit

3,690m2 Apex Height 6.5m


Manufacturing Unit

3,020m2 Apex Height 8m


MSIP & Incubator Units


Manufacturing Unit

2,690m2 Apex Height 5.5m/6.5m


Manufacturing Unit

19,790m2 Apex Height 10m


Green Space


Manufacturing Unit

10,770m2 Apex Height 5.5m/6.5m


Skills Academy

2,650m2 Apex Height 6.5m


Recreational Hub


Manufacturing Unit

1,890m2 Apex Height 9m


Accelerator Labs

2,650m2 Apex Height 6.5m


Engineering School


Manufacturing Unit

5,200m2 Apex Height 5.5m


Innovation Lab

2,200m2 Apex Height 6.5m


Steam & Electricity From Energy From Waste Plant


Manufacturing Unit

4,090m2 Apex Height 8m


Innovation Lab

Apex Height 6.5m


Wind Turbines


Manufacturing Unit

3,020m2 Apex Height 8m


Innovation Hub


Solar Power

MSIP Locations