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The Skills Academy brings skills and knowledge from the college and universities together with industry, to deliver new skills, for new technologies.

It offers dedicated skills training to current and future employees of companies located at MSIP and across industry, through a comprehensive range of training focused on the skills needs of companies.

The curriculum and delivery style of The Skills Academy builds on the strong legacy of Dundee and Michelin, inspiring new generations of engineers, technicians and operators to design and manufacture for the sustainable mobility and decarbonisation sectors.

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Provide a comprehensive and easily accessible learning and skills ecosystem to address learner and industry needs, demonstrating leadership in Scotland’s Just Transition to Net Zero.


Through a broad and flexible curriculum from entry-level to professional development, and access to future technologies, generate the talent pipeline to meet industry’s skills needs.


  1. Be an accessible, national skills centre of excellence for sustainable mobility and decarbonisation.
  2. Inspire, educate and prepare the future workforce to accelerate the green recovery.
  3. Engage, influence and support the delivery of government policy.

Delivered in Partnership

The Skills Academy is delivered in partnership by Dundee and Angus College and Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc, alongside other supporting academic and industry partners.

It brings skills and knowledge from the college and universities together with industry, to support the just transition to net zero in the best way that we can.


Physical Space

The Skills Academy has been developed with industry in mind.

Utilising a large industrial unit, The Skills Academy has classrooms, workshops and large, versatile space for learning and demonstrations of new and emerging technologies.

It has been built to be flexible and ensure The Skills Academy can adapt the curriculum to meet the skills needs of industry.

Existing and Emerging Technologies

The Skills Academy is focused on learners at all levels.

It provides training that covers existing and next generation technologies across the sustainable mobility and decarbonisation industry.

The Skills Academy enables and inspires a future workforce for business and industry, through an engaging STEM offer and access to the new technologies across:

Manufacturing Entry Level to Advanced

Low Carbon Transport

Lithium-Ion Battery Technology


Renewable Energy

Heat Batteries

Health and Safety

A Flexible, Bespoke Curriculum

The Skills Academy works with companies to develop bespoke programmes that meet future workforce needs, ensuring that next generation requirements are met.

It offers dedicated skills training to current and future employees of companies located at MSIP, and beyond, both at MSIP and partner campuses.

With a focus across all levels including HNC/D, graduate and post-graduate level teaching, and short-term training, it also provides access to learning through its academic partnerships, extending beyond that of sustainable mobility and decarbonisation. This ensures the future workforce is equipped, to be the strongest it can be.

Businesses can access everything that is available, with The Skills Academy curriculum offering a range of flexible formats to fit around the needs and routine of the business, as well as learners at all levels and circumstance.

Course Directory

The Skills Academy Course Directory allows employers and individuals to explore the relevant courses and apprenticeships on offer across the academic partners.

This is currently being updated and will be uploaded soon.

Funding and Support

The Skills Academy will support your business education and skills training whilst supporting learners seeking to access training and develop new skills.

The public sector partners provide a wide range of advice and support through The Skills Academy, to maximise the offer and minimise the effort.

There are a range of funding packages available to support training and reskilling needs. Please get in touch at [email protected] for the most up to date funding and support available.

Supporting Manufacturing

The Skills Academy enhances an already strong academic offer in Scotland, with a targeted focus on green industry courses.

As manufacturing companies grow and adapt to the opportunities the growing green economy will create, we want to enable a steady supply of ready-made workers and enhanced job prospects for people entering the green sector industries.

The Skills Academy offers short and fast turnaround skills training, through to high end technical and digital skills. This provides core skills to those learners that are untrained and/or inexperienced in modern industrial settings and supports the continuous development of existing/skilled individuals.

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