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So much more than another Innovation Parc

At MSIP you will be part of a connected infrastructure, where experts from across industry, academia and the public sector come together with the shared goal of achieving net zero.

Locating at MSIP will give you access to a forward-thinking, environmentally conscious customer-base that is already demanding battery-powered transport, hydrogen fuel cells, and other emerging technologies.

We want to create a globally attractive location for businesses to grow by working with ambitious partners and companies with a proven track record in this space and those with the potential to grow.

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Physical Space

With 32 hectares, we offer modern, flexible and exciting space focussed on innovation and manufacturing.

We have a range of buildings given our significant scale, that are complimented with access to clean energy and the support offered at MSIP.

We have vast space for your business to grow and amenities for those based here, that can be adapted for any purpose.

You can view the industrial spaces currently available in Dundee here.

Funding and Support

Your business can be supported to locate and grow at our Innovation Parc.

MSIP will play a significant role in the decarbonisation of the transport sector and companies located here can be supported to do so from our public and private sector partnership.

We can work with you, to identify funding from the sources that are available, such as the Michelin Development Fund and Scottish National Investment Bank (SNIB).

During the transition phase, we will utilise the services of the local Business Gateway Service and Scottish Enterprise who deliver a series of business support products, programmes and services.

For those based out with Scotland, relocating can be a daunting task. But thanks to our connections with Scottish Development International and its partners, we can make the move to Scotland an easy transition by assisting you with financial support, academic connections, talent attraction and professional advice.

And the support doesn’t end when you make the move. We are committed to your growth, by taking the time to understand your needs now and in the future.

We have the tools to take your business to the next level, whether it’s identifying investment, R&D, collaboration or otherwise. Contact us now at [email protected] to find out more.


With strong knowledge and capabilities in hydrogen, yet a currently limited supply chain within Scotland, MSIP offers plentiful opportunity for international companies active in this field.

There are opportunities for fuel cell development, niche vehicle design and manufacturing, and additional supply chain opportunities including refuelling infrastructure, operation and maintenance, plus hydrogen safety and flow rate meteorology.

At MSIP you can take advantage of the opportunity to develop a commercial supply of green hydrogen into the north-east region or with the University of St Andrews to develop niche vehicles and optimise drive trains for specific applications.

Batteries and Energy Storage

As demand for battery cells in the automotive industry outstrips supply, Scotland is looking to scale up the production of batteries, whether that be lithium-ion batteries, sodium-ion, nickel zinc batteries or others, plus smart tech for battery packs and battery systems, to support the development of the market for vehicles fuelled by alternative energy sources.

There is a specific opportunity to develop this supply chain at MSIP, to reduce the UK’s reliance on overseas markets. Supplementary opportunities exist for battery recycling and reuse of batteries for second and third life use.

Heavy Duty Vehicles

Scotland is fast becoming a leading centre for the development of electric drive trains for heavy duty vehicles.

It has established a series of platforms for R&D on different vehicle types including buses, trains, ferries, refuse and emergency vehicles. And there are exciting opportunities for companies to get involved in vehicle design, safety standards, niche vehicle manufacturing, commercial opportunities & skills transfer and technical support.

MSIP is located within a populated urban area, and in close proximity to remote rural locations, making it an ideal test bed for new electric vehicle development and deployment.


Scotland’s rail opportunity is based on planned and committed investment in rail – electrification, rolling stock and the wider rail infrastructure. It is working to grow supply chain capability for the rail sector and ensure supply of component parts and systems from Scotland for large rolling stock contracts.

As Scotland moves towards delivery of zero emission railways by 2035, the focus is on light weighting and noise / vibration reduction and alternative methods of propulsion. There are opportunities for companies experienced in these areas to locate at MSIP to innovate and grow. There is also an emerging opportunity for companies with expertise in the development of hydrogen technologies, for application in rail.


Beyond the physical business spaces, we have a lot to offer.

We have a large car park that can accommodate up to 300 vehicles and multiple EV charging points. Our infrastructure also allows for access of HGV’s.

Our space is fully secure, with 24-hour security personnel and CCTV at the Innovation Parc. This also means that your employees and visitors can access your space 24-hours a day with no limitations.

Plans for our Innovation Campus are underway, that will include creative and vibrant open spaces to relax and have some down time in, a café for those informal meetings or to recharge, and our Innovation Hub, a space at MSIP for people to come together to meet and collaborate.

We understand how important additional amenities are, to compliment the physical environment we have, to you and your employees. We want creativity to flourish and people to feel supported and valued.

As a new technology company, why would we be located anywhere else?
Stuart Morrison, Managing Director of MEP Technologies
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