A place for ideas to thrive

Innovation is at the core of everything we do.

MSIP is a place where innovation is nurtured, your ideas can thrive, and collaboration opportunities are plentiful.

If you have an exciting new innovative project looking for a home, that is focused on sustainable mobility or decarbonisation, we would love to hear from you.

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Innovation Programme

We offer an innovation programme that has been shaped to support the development and delivery of product and service innovation across the sustainable mobility and decarbonisation sectors.

We facilitate collaborative partnerships between Universities, companies and other organisations.

Our Innovation Challenges support the delivery of the Scottish Government’s Net Zero targets by identifying relevant issues within industry and engaging with companies to develop and deliver solutions to these issues.

Our MSIP Accelerator* is targeted at ambitious early-stage companies and entrepreneurs, offering each cohort an intensive period of business support based in an incubator environment.

Our focus on sustainable mobility and decarbonisation allows us to offer companies access to our extensive network which can provide a wide range of opportunities including innovation funding and investment opportunities.

*The MSIP Accelerator is part funded by Scottish Enterprise.

Innovation Campus

Our Innovation Campus provides an exciting and varied environment for industry, academia and government to come together, to progress the just transition to net zero.

Our Innovation Hub will be located at the centre of the Innovation Parc, creating a focus of collaborative activity. It will offer core facilities including hot desks, flexible meeting and events space, design labs, a digital suite, demonstration space and a range of business support services.

The Innovation Labs at MSIP will offer 14 labs starting at 80m2. Designed for short-term, flexible project use, they  offer shared amenities and collaborative spaces for meeting and relaxing.

An additional Makerspace offers basic workshop amenities for tenants in the Innovation Labs.

The Fulhame Building is a development of six industrial units for light manufacturing, offering space for companies looking to take their first step into an industrial unit with ambitions to growth.

Funding and Support

We understand how critical access to innovation funding and investment support is for companies to take an idea through the technology and manufacturing readiness levels.

We can connect you to relevant funding and investment, that will allow you to develop your product and technology further and quicker.

Keep an eye out for regular funding spotlights on our socials!

If you would like to find out more please contact us at [email protected].

Innovation Challenges

Our MSIP Innovation Challenges offer an open and easy to enter process, where innovative and ambitious companies can submit a potential solution to a Challenge placed by us.

Companies are encouraged to work collaboratively and to make use of our Innovation Labs.

Follow us on social media to keep up to date on our next Innovation Challenge!

Applications for our second Innovation Challenge are now closed. Successful candidates will be announced soon.

MSIP Accelerator Cohort 4

Our fourth Accelerator Cohort commended in August 2023. Cohort 4 participants include:

Other Way Climate Limited: Accelerating climate action in every journey and every vehicle.

Donaa Ltd: Donaa delivers a powerful AI tool to detect defects in real-time during 3D printing, enabling manufacturers to save costs and protect the environment.

BOABER by Innovate Rural: Boaber is an on-demand boat travel booking app using the power of AI to keep it live and current.

BioBright: Elevating Interiors with Algae Elegance – Enhancing Spaces, Oxygenating Lives, and Nurturing the Planet.

Copper & Carbon Ltd: IRIS- A powerful wind turbine which can speed up the NetZero ambition by controlling the wind flow, yielding better at low wind and operating beyond cutoff range.


Redbarn Group Ltd t/as ‘Veritherm: Decarbonising buildings and empowering sustainability by making measurement mainstream.

Recarbox: The Garage innovation that fits into any common car parking space and makes electric driving and safe parking accessible to anyone.

Well Spent Ltd: Upcycling Brewers Spent Grain into Healthy, Sustainable Snacks.

HydroTrux (Greenway Fuels): Drive CH2ange – Co-Combustion H2 kits made for fleets NOW!

MSIP Accelerator Cohort 3

Our third Accelerator Cohort concluded in December 2022. Cohort 3 participants were:

Kinetic Hydro Ltd – River turbines that are reliable and easy to use for off-grid communities.

Láidir Circular Mobility Ltd – Láidir Circular Mobility is focussing on enabling a circular bioeconomy energy and materials future for global off road vehicle, van and medium to heavy truck markets.

Tronius Ltd – EV technologies and Renewable Energy Management Solutions.

Shakey Robotics Innovators Ltd – A company formed to create, develop and spin out bespoke technology solutions which accelerate the maritime sectors drive towards Net Zero by 2040.

Myriad Wind Energy Systems Ltd – designing the next generation of high-performance wind turbines.

CalPac Resources Limited (previously Neocycl UK Ltd) – We are a green metals technology company producing refined non-ferrous metals from scrap with zero carbon emissions.

Carruthers Renewables Ltd – Low Head Hydropower to Decarbonise the Global North and Electrify the Global South.

dpSun Ltd / IC2EV – Sustainable Electrification IC2EV is a project developed by dpSun to transform a combustion vehicle into a 100% electric vehicle, taking a polluting and long-lived vehicle such as a motorhome off the streets by incorporating the latest technology and a new e-Brain control unit, Reborn Electric.

4SB – A solution for city living electric car owners with limited access to roadside and overnight charging: an attachable, swappable ‘top-up’ battery. 4SB provides a solution for city living electric car owners with limited access to roadside and overnight charging: an attachable, swappable ‘jerry can’ battery.

ThermaFY Eco Solutions – ThermaFY offers the first holistic approach to improving the efficiency of heating systems and delivering a journey to net zero for individual homes.

Vahanomy Ltd – Vahanomy provides B2B AI-driven solutions to accelerate the rollout of the EV charging infrastructure through a location data analysis tool and marketplace for the EV charging infrastructure ecosystem.

HANA (Electric Motion) Ltd – Developing innovative solutions for ultra rapid EV charging in rural and semi-rural locations.

MSIP Accelerator Cohort 2

Our second MSIP Accelerator programme concluded in Autumn 2021. Cohort 2 participants were:


Electric vehicle solution provider


Smart energy system

Caigan Vehicle Technologies – HARDWARE

Fleet vehicle conversion to zero emissions


Car-eBike platform – an ebike and a “micro car”

Cyclopic – HARDWARE

Zero emission mobility platform technology

Danu Robotics – HARDWARE

Robotics for waste management


Decarbonisation of existing home heating


Energy Systems

Kottackal /GreenPoint – SOFTWARE

EV Charging

QuickBlock Ltd – HARDWARE

Flat-packed, 100% recycled, rapid assembly building blocks. No tools or skills required


Zero emission travel vehicle booking system



MSIP Accelerator Cohort 1

Our first MSIP Accelerator programme concluded in Spring 2021. Cohort 1 participants were:

Frisco E-Bikes – HARDWARE
Ebike and Solar Docking Station

Genista Energy – HARDWARE
Design/installation of custom battery systems

Intra-Drive – HARDWARE
E-bike powertrain technology with combined gearbox and motor mid-drive system

A unique energy storage and heating solution

PowerCircle – SOFTWARE
New social Energy Service Company (esco) and Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

Power to go Hydro – HARDWARE
Inflatable waterwheel

SolarisKit – HARDWARE
Flat-packable solar thermal collector

Smart local energy systems for a low carbon future.

Partners and Collaborators

At MSIP, we have built an environment for collaboration between industry and academia to happen. You can test and build on new ideas, research and develop emerging technologies, and grow your business.

We are connected to world leading institutions including the University of St Andrews, the University of Dundee and Abertay University.

Those located at MSIP will have access to our partners and collaborators across academic institutions, industry groups and other innovation centres, creating opportunities to work together towards a common goal.

"Innovation is a critical part of how we will become a globally recognised centre of excellence in sustainable mobility and decarbonisation. We are creating the ecosystem at MSIP that will ensure those that are developing technologies for the future will reach the ambitious net zero targets that have been set."
Sarah Petrie, Innovation Director, MSIP
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