What it's like to be MSIP's Marketing Intern

What it’s like to be MSIP’s Marketing Intern

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Hello! My name is Amy and I joined the team at MSIP as the marketing intern back in June, having just finished my fourth year at Abertay University studying Business Management. This post will be a summary of my time at MSIP so far, and some of my highlights!

But before that, here is a little bit about me: I’m 22 years old, originally from Kelso (Scottish Borders) but have lived in Dundee for the past 4 years while at university. You would think that I would be familiar with the East Coast slang by now but since working at the office, I’ve been guilty of regularly Googling Dundee slang after conversations – my most recent search was baffies (which are slippers if you’re like me and were unsure).

When I’m not at work I enjoy playing hockey, and currently play for one of the local clubs called Monarchs.

I was made aware of the internship by one of my university module leaders, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to gain some experience within an area of business I’ve never worked in before.

Now that I have been at MSIP for a few months I can safely say that it has been! I’ve had the chance to be part of the planning process for numerous events, my favourite so far being the first regional STEM Expo. We had approximately 440 pupils from 15 Dundee and Angus schools visit the new Skills Academy, to participate in a wide variety of interactive activities organised by the exhibitors, and after the end of the second day it was great to hear all the positive feedback from pupils, teachers and the exhibitors! I’m also really looking forward to helping organise the MSIP Showcase Event in March having heard how highly everyone speaks of the previous one, which was hosted last November.

In addition to events, I have been able to see the thought process behind marketing campaigns and social media posts, which is a lot more intense than people might think!

It’s also fair to say I’m now an expert in building/dismantling QUICKBLOCK, which we use for furniture and to build our stage for events.

Although I am primarily involved with marketing there have been numerous opportunities for me to grow and develop other skills, such as basic accountancy. I have been able to help process invoices and purchase orders coming into the business with the expert guidance from the finance department. I’m also currently participating in a Climate Solutions Course through work, and I’m looking to use this to be able to review current processes at the Parc and see where we can improve in terms of sustainability.

Overall, I have learned so much already having only worked at MSIP for a short period of time and been able to put knowledge from university into practise during work. I’m very grateful for everyone passing on their expertise and making me feel like part of the team from my first day!

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