Where MSIP Fits Into Scotland’s Green Recovery

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After attending The Press and Journal’s Business Breakfast event ‘What does recovery look like?’ yesterday, we were inspired to highlight part of the role that MSIP will play in the local Dundee, and wider Scottish green economic recovery.

With our core mission and vision focussed on sustainable mobility and decarbonisation, there are obvious links between our goals at MSIP and the green economic recovery. We are a key part of delivering Scotland’s net-zero emissions targets, in our work to build an ecosystem that will roll out green energy solutions.

However, it is apparent that there are also broader areas that MSIP embodies, which will be vital in the success of the country’s recovery, post Covid-19.

With people, place, and planet at the forefront of everything we do here at MSIP, we see ourselves as a frontrunner in the Environmental, Social and Government (ESG) space – the 3 main factors used to measure the sustainability, and the societal impact a socially conscious investment can have on a company or business.

Crucially, going forward there will be a huge need to invest in the training of new skills and the upskilling of workers to meet the needs of green business practices. We fully recognise the skills need at MSIP and that is why our dedicated Skills Academy is such an important part of our on site offer to current and future tenants. We believe that the right skills will enable companies to grow and thrive in a green-focused economy and help them to tackle the challenges associated with the shift to a green economy.

From Autumn 2021, in partnership with Dundee & Angus College, we aim to meet the needs of local employers adjusting to the new economy, by providing access to the skills they require at the right time.

The green economic recovery is not a quick fix for Scotland, but it is important to make changes now that will have a positive impact in the future for people, place and planet.

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