Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc On Track for Success

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Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc has continued to receive high levels of interest from potential tenants during the Coronavirus lockdown period, it was revealed today.

Chief Executive John Reid said an increasing number of enquiries were coming from larger firms looking to reassess their strategic plans and investments in light of the pandemic.

Mr Reid said: “This is particularly encouraging, as these companies are seeing MSIP as the right kind of long term, sustainable investment to take them out of the pandemic period and into the future.”

Despite the disruption caused by Coronavirus, the project remains on track, with partner funding now in place and a number of developments that are either progressing or ready to get under way as soon as restrictions are lifted.

It is expected that announcements on the first tenants for the Parc and strategic partnership agreements with key academic institutions will be made by summer.

Contracts will be let shortly on the Innovation Centre, which is at an advanced stage, and work will start on site infrastructure as soon as the current restrictions are lifted. The Skills Centre proposal has also made good progress and will be part of the city’s post-pandemic Recovery Plan.

Mr Reid said: “All this work and progress means that MSIP has developed in line with the target strategy and is on schedule, despite the significant disruption caused by the Coronavirus outbreak.

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