Why Sustainable Mobility Is The Space To Be In

Why Sustainable Mobility Is The Space To Be In

December 2, 2019

Kevin Bazley, Head of Operations at MSIP

Earlier this year when I took on a role in developing the MSIP concept towards implementation, my first thought was that sustainable mobility sounded a bit too niche, and we would struggle to fill a million square feet of space unless we broadened our criteria.

How wrong was that first impression.

We have a compelling proposition here at MSIP, with high quality buildings, green energy, a strong skills base and a supportive policy environment both locally and nationally, but even so we have been surprised by the level of interest from companies in the sustainable mobility space, from batteries to hydrogen to EV charging to E bikes to software. Fuelled by an unprecedented amount of investment from major companies in the energy, automotive and tech sectors, the global market is set for exponential growth. The need for innovation, for supply chain and for manufacturing capability – preferably sustainably powered – will grow just as fast. When a start up can raise $2bn in funding before launching a product – and then take an order for 100,000 electric trucks from one customer before production has started, as Rivian has done this year, that is validation that the wider market has to be interesting.

We want to build a community of companies, both manufacturing and developing new ideas, with supporting services and access to leading R&D in the university and private sectors. We believe that long term sustainable growth will come from the interaction between diverse companies, and that innovation is facilitated by cross disciplinary and cross market conversations. If you make E bikes, you can learn from battery makers, and if you make batteries you can have interesting conversations with EV charging companies and with developers of grid balancing software and asset tracking apps. And we need to learn from everyone, to continue our journey to become the leading UK centre for sustainable mobility.