Reflections on Recent Success

Reflections on Recent Success

April 16, 2020

Events are a core part of business. It’s how we learn, how we network and how we promote what we do.

We held our first Energy Storage Event in February. An event that started as a simple idea, to invite some of the energy storage supply chain companies in Scotland to MSIP, to network and learn more about who we are and what we do. This quickly turned into something so much more.

With two months to go we had interest from over 15 industry leaders to speak at our event and over 20 companies wanting to acquire space to showcase their products and services during the event. We were amazed and quickly said yes to all requests. And put a plan in place to make sure our flagship event would be a huge success.

At MSIP the biggest asset we have is large, flexible space. The space we identified that could accommodate this event was a large storage warehouse. Upon initial viewing, the warehouse was full to the brim with aisle upon aisle of materials, equipment and large engineering units.

Within four weeks, the amazing team at Michelin had the warehouse emptied and cleaned. It was remarkable to witness the efficiency of how this was done. We now had a giant blank slate for our event to go in.

We quickly acknowledged that our small team needed to bring in additional support. We hired Dundee company Vision Sound and Light to do all the event set up – tables, chairs, sound and lighting, screens, a stage, drapes, filming, WIFI. You name it, they delivered.

Within the team, we did all the things we were used to doing when planning for a big event. Programme development, logistics, set up, PR. We also did a few things that were entirely new to us. A risk assessment for the venue, considering everything that could potentially happen and confidently saying how we would deal with that. Handling the arrival of large kit (and one train carriage) to be demonstrated. Figuring out where an additional 300 visitors would park their cars!

On the day itself, we had rain, snow and hail. But that didn’t stop our attendees from arriving in the hundreds. Nearly 300 people attended our first big event at MSIP. And we had branded MSIP umbrellas to shelter them as they arrived.

The feedback has been amazing. There were some aspects that will be improved upon. But other aspects, that money, time and experience can’t buy, have been praised.

The quality of speakers and industry buy in, demonstrated by the strong programme, has been praised. The atmosphere was welcoming and energised, yet still laid back enough that the attendees felt relaxed for the duration. And the support from our audience for MSIP upon hearing John Reid, MSIP’s Chief Executive, share our story at the event has overwhelmed us.

Looking back, we are thankful that our event was able to go ahead before the Covid-19 crisis escalated. So much hard work was put into this event by the MSIP Team and those working with us. And we understand how disappointed others will feel just now with so many events cancelled and postponed.

Our events plan for 2020 has been put on pause during current times. But it’s nice to reflect on our success and look forward to the next one.

Please follow the links below to view the PDF presentations of our guest speakers.

Allan Paterson

Ben Todd

Bill Ireland

Colin Arnold

Gabriel Palacios Roblizo

George Davidson

Jeff Olear

Jim Gibson

John Fox

John Irvine

Paul Freeland

Rob Pedersen