Our people are our strength

We understand how important it is to have access to the right skills and talent, and the challenges that come with the changing skills needs of your business, for now and for tomorrow.

Attracting and retaining the right talent can give your business the competitive edge. And at MSIP, we believe that people are one of our greatest assets.

We connect academia and industry leaders, to ensure the most competitive skills offering for those based at the MSIP.

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Access to skills

By locating at MSIP, you can access a highly skilled workforce and renowned local academic institutions that have an outstanding record of industry engagement.

We can access a previous Michelin workforce, internationally recognised as one of the best trained and most reliable in the world.

Dundee has a rich heritage in manufacturing and design, that has established a skilled workforce over decades. Dundee also offers a cost-competitive labour force.

We have access to Scotland’s world-renowned educational system, with a high ratio of graduates per capita that surpasses most countries of comparable size in Europe.

When it comes to talent, Scotland’s Universities and Colleges are developing people that can meet the skillset required for the future in sustainable mobility and decarbonisation. The academic offering is evolving, in response to the demands of the world that we now live in and we can align these skills to your business needs.

We can also tap into Scotland’s academic skills offer in complimentary sectors such as advanced engineering and manufacturing, offering supply-chain skill sets well suited to diversification into low carbon-based opportunities.

We can support your business to access a rich talent pool with the right skills and experience to suit any skills needs.

Skills Academy

Our Skills Academy will have the capability to train, develop and transition individuals into the workforce of the future, focusing on the skills needed within sustainable mobility and decarbonisation.

It will deliver bespoke training packages tailored to the specific needs of those located at our Innovation Parc. It will offer courses for prospective and current employees of tenants and offer an opportunity for co-located tenants to shape the future curriculum.

Designed to bridge the gap between school and higher education, our Skills Academy will offer practical space with hands on experience for its course participants.

The curriculum and delivery style of the Skills Academy will build on the strong legacy of Dundee and Michelin, inspiring the development of the next generation of engineers, operators and technicians in design and manufacturing.

It will also cover broader demands of the future workplace and organisations, ensuring that the sustainable mobility and decarbonisation sector is resourced with the right people at the right time.

With a flexible curriculum to equip individuals with core technical skills, it will build strengths in data, digital, creativity and innovation.

This will be delivered in collaboration with industry and academia, demonstrating our shaping of a strong connection between schools, colleges, Universities and Industry leaders.

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