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Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc’s (MSIP) Skills Academy meets the demands of the future workplace, ensuring that the sustainable mobility and decarbonisation industries are resource with the right people at the right time.

Delivered in partnership with Dundee and Angus College, Abertay University, University of Dundee, University of St. Andrews, and industry partners, the Skills Academy offers a unique combination of practical hands-on skills development, training, and innovation, along with research and development expertise. The curriculum and delivery style of the Skills Academy builds on the strong legacy of Dundee and Michelin, inspiring new generations of engineers, technicians and operators to design and manufacture for the decarbonisation, renewable energy and sustainable mobility sectors.

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Our people are our strength

MSIP’s Skills Academy brings skills and knowledge from Further Education and Higher Education providers together with experience and expertise from industry, to deliver new skills for new industries.

It offers a comprehensive range of training, focusing
on the skills needs of industry. This includes:

• Practical skills development, with hands on learning
• Tailored bespoke technical courses to meet specific company needs
• Apprenticeship level training that is focused on current industry requirements
• Nationally accredited skills programs

Through a unique partnership across academia and industry, it also offers graduate and post-graduate level teaching and research opportunities, and strong links into MSIP’s Innovation Hub, to develop ideas, prototype and form knowledge transfer partnerships. The Skills Academy offers dedicated skills training to current and future employees of companies located at MSIP.


The Skills Academy is focused on learners at all levels. The training offered will adapt to the needs of companies located at the Innovation Parc and across industry. The Skills Academy provides training for its learners that covers existing and next generation technologies.

This includes:
• Lithium-ion, Heat/Cold, Flow Batteries & Cells
• Hydrogen Production, Fuel Cells & Systems
• Renewable Energy Generation, Storage, Distribution
(Wind, Solar, Hydro, etc)
• Automotive/Mobility applications (Electric/Hydrogen/
Hybrid car, truck, bus, train, aerospace, marine)
• A range of associated technical skills to support
Scotland’s drive to zero emissions


There are a range of funding packages available to support your training and reskilling needs, please get in touch for the most up to date support available.

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