Working together towards common goal

At MSIP, we connect you to a culture and creativity, with support from world-leading institutions and industry groups.

There is huge potential to collaborate at our Innovation Parc with Scottish universities, businesses and industry leaders to test out new ideas, research and develop emerging technologies, and grow your business.

Those located at MSIP will have access to our partner academic institutions, industry groups and other innovation centres with expertise in sustainable mobility and decarbonisation.

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The University of Dundee
The University of Dundee

A strategic partnership between MSIP and Dundee University has been formalised with a Memorandum of Understanding.  This exciting collaboration will provide the opportunity for those located at our Innovation Parc to work with the University of Dundee, to develop new and advancing products for the future of sustainable mobility and decarbonisation.

The University of Dundee will make connections between its people, research and innovations with our tenant companies. MSIP will offer flexible space for the University’s start-ups, spin outs and research and development.

We will also work with the University to identify and apply for relevant funding opportunities and collaborate on our Skills Academy and Accelerator Programme. This partnership will allow us to benefit from the University’s expertise across a range of relevant areas, as well as its extensive experience in design and development and design for manufacture.


NMIS is an industry-led international centre of manufacturing expertise, which aims to make Scotland and the UK a global leader in advanced manufacturing. Industry, academia and public-sector support bodies are working together to transform skills, productivity and innovation in the sector, with the AFRS and Lightweight Centre already underway.

MSIP will work closely with the National Manufacturing Institute for Scotland (NMIS), focused on future manufacturing skills.

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