Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc Looks to Inspire for the Future

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I’m Colin Arnold, Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc’s Business Development Manager.

Across my career I’ve worked for many companies, large and small, including NCR, Texol and Axeon. My last 4 years has been spent in the lithium-ion cell industry working at the UK’s only powder to power factory in Thurso for AGM Batteries, now AMTE Power, developing world leading technology. And now I am leading on Business Development at MSIP.

I’m excited to play my part in delivering a unique and crucial Innovation Park in Dundee, focused on sustainable mobility and low carbon energy.

What I’ve found throughout my career is that despite many setbacks, Dundee defies the odds and continually re-invents itself. And MSIP is no different!

Transforming a tyre manufacturing site into an innovation park is the ultimate reinvention. But why sustainable mobility and low carbon energy?

Scotland has the perfect platform to build an entire new low carbon industry. Some might say that achieving the zero emission targets is too big a challenge. But the transformation to net zero is vital to our economy and will create thousands of long term and skilled jobs, bring inward investment and drive export opportunities for our technology, products and services.

Scotland has an abundance of renewable resources and an innovative spirit that is second nature, proven time and again. We have had many opportunities in the past to build a long-term sustainable manufacturing sector that taps into that innovation. But sometimes these opportunities have been missed.  

We now have a chance to maximise these opportunities – all the ingredients are there. And MSIP and our partners will be key catalysts to make it happen.

MSIP will be the home of a unique range of companies and organisations at every stage of the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) roadmap – from light bulb moments, all the way to scaled up volume manufacture. Consider the end goal and the journey required to make it there, and MSIP will assist at every step on the development path.

MSIP tackles the innovation and skills gap. It promotes the building of a long-term Scottish manufacturing base, underpinned by a robust local supply chain and skills offer. All with a common goal to promote a sustainable mobility and low carbon energy future.

The current COVID-19 crisis has been a game changer and may change the way we do things forever. The economy has taken a massive hit, making MSIP more critical than ever. Innovative thinking is needed and must be part of how we work, learn and support each other.

Tapping into this innovative ethos and nurturing opportunities for growth, we have launched recruitment for our first Accelerator Programme. This 16-week programme, delivered by Elevator alongside partners including Ricardo and Productive, is looking for SME companies primarily engaged in developing products and services in sustainable mobility and low carbon energy from all geographies.

We are holding two information events, on 8 and 14 September, to provide further details to interested participants.

You can register to attend one of our information sessions here – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/msip-sustainable-mobility-accelerator-information-session-tickets-119391183243

Or to register interest in participating in our Accelerator, click here – https://www.elevatoruk.com/accelerators/msip-accelerator/ 

The timing and location of this programme couldn’t be better. The first participants will gain confidence from the Elevator team, led by Bob Andrew, and the partners involved. And by being a part of MSIP, I hope our vision for the future will inspire.

Colin Arnold, Business Development Manager, MSIP Dundee

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