Why Choose MSIP’s Accelerator?

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By definition, a business accelerator is a programme that gives developing companies access to mentorship, investors and other support that help them become stable, self-sufficient businesses.

Companies that use business accelerators are typically start-ups that have moved beyond the earliest stages of getting established. They have basically entered their “adolescence,” meaning they can stand on their own two feet but need guidance and peer support to gain strength. Less developed companies not ready for an accelerator would instead use a business incubator for support.

So, what does the MSIP Accelerator have to offer? Yes, all the above. However, it is not simply another accelerator to develop all of the above. The MSIP Accelerator Programme is the first activity happening at the recently launched Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc – an initiative that has surged from the shutdown of the Michelin factory in Dundee, an example of how something negative can be converted into something with a promising future if there is the drive, ambition and willingness.

As stated, this is not just another business accelerator. The MSIP Accelerator has a clear purpose and ambition aligned with those fighting against the climate change. MSIP wants to enable a more sustainable transport ecosystem in Scotland by supporting those SMEs working in new technologies and solutions.

Some may think that it is necessary to work on electric vehicles or much more efficient engines to be part of this. Yes, but it is also true that there are many companies and entrepreneurs out there working on digital solutions such as software to improve efficiency, data intelligence to preserve fuel, cells and sensors to obtain energy from the friction generated between tyres and roads that have a relevant role to play in all of these. The remit is wide and far reaching.

Thus, you do not need to be the next Tesla to think that you may have an innovative solution for sustainable transport. It would be great to have these unicorns, but these are a rare species – although not completely unknown in Scotland as mythology and history has taught us! 

And that is why we are putting together this accelerator, to support the supply chain of technology advancements in Scotland. We can wait until we have another unicorn employing 1,000 or 2,000 people or we can put the right tools and expertise in place to support 20 or 30 companies that eventually could employ the same number of people. This is what diversification is all about, and this is what we are aiming to have in Scotland. A diversified and varied supply chain that can benefit all in our fight against climate change.

Now, it is my time to ask you something. Are you up for this challenge? If so, register your interest and complete the application to have the opportunity to help us in this mission.

Finally, one more thing (yes, it is about money). This is a fully funded programme, delivered by Elevator UK  along with the sector specialist delivery partners – Ricardo and Productiv, with a stipend of up to £7,500 per company, plus up to £1,500 for technical requirements if needed.

If you are in, this will be the start of a journey that will last more than the 16-weeks programme. You will also have follow up engagement activities not only with Elevator UK and partners but with the different external MSIP’s partners such as the University of Dundee, The University of St. Andrews and other private sector companies.

David Garcia

Project Manager of the MSIP Sustainable Mobility and Low Carbon Innovation Accelerator, Scottish Enterprise

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