Michelin Dundee

Michelin Dundee

March 30, 2020

On Friday afternoon we were advised that Michelin Dundee will not restart tyre manufacturing after the Covid-19 crisis dissipates. The factory was originally due to cease production in June 2020.

We would like to take this time to offer a heartfelt message to our Michelin colleagues and every member of staff that we have had the pleasure to work alongside over the past few months.

We cannot commend the Michelin staff enough for the positive attitude they have retained during this extremely difficult and uncertain time in their lives and for the support they have shown to the MSIP project, in order to ensure that the Michelin Dundee legacy lives on beyond the end of tyre production at the site.

We won’t feel the gravity of this change until we return to the Michelin site, once this pandemic is over.  We thought we would be returning in a few weeks to a site which would be running its final months of tyre production. However, we now know that will not be the case.

Our commitment remains, the MSIP team will ensure that the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc is a success. It will boost the local economy and create sustainable jobs in these uncertain times. We are all working hard to make sure something positive can come from the huge loss that the factory closure will cause Dundee.

We knew this day was coming but none of us were prepared for Michelin’s time in Dundee to come to such an abrupt end. Thank you to everyone at Michelin Dundee, and we wish you all the very best in the future.

The MSIP Team