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Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc was formed to create a greener future, for people, place and planet.

In 2021, with the world still battling a global pandemic and planning for an economic recovery, progress is challenging. But it must not stop.

Our mission remains – build a dynamic and creative home for innovators, manufacturers and skills leaders to collaborate, and nurture growth and advances in sustainable mobility and decarbonisation.

As part of delivering our mission and preparing for our participation in COP26, we are currently building our net zero plan. We want to share with our audience how we intend to respond to climate change in clear, tangible ways. In doing so, we look to our partners, stakeholders, customers and community to learn from. Best practice is what it is all about!

Last week we were excited to find out more about our founding partner Michelin’s vision for a more sustainable future.

Despite the global health and economic crisis in 2020, Michelin’s determination to achieve sustainable growth remains. It has stepped up its commitment and set a big challenge – for all of Michelin tyres to be made entirely from renewable, recycled, biosourced or otherwise sustainable materials, by 2050.

Its commitment is to deliver safer, smarter, more sustainable mobility, that fits with its values and corporate identity. And it has set a clear roadmap to deliver this commitment.

Michelin’s ambition is to ensure that while an integration of sustainable materials into tyres is key to a sustainable future for mobility, it will not be done in a way that is detrimental to the environment. Michelin is also working to ensure that these new technologies do not degrade, but instead actually improve the life cycle of its tyres.

Michelin has the ability to show real projects that can be deployed quickly and on a large scale, with clear short-term plans in place that will demonstrate results.

As well as its ambitious plans for sustainable tyre manufacture, Michelin is continually investing in new technologies that will shape the future of sustainable mobility and decarbonisation, and is working with industry to promote the recycling of end-of-life tyres.

Michelin’s extremely promising advances go far beyond tyres, bringing together a very diverse range of technologies and initiatives.

MSIP will continue to deliver its own mission for net zero with clarity and transparency that fits with our values and culture, drawing inspiration from our key partners.

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