IT Excellence for MSIP that ‘just works’

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Lately, we’ve been talking more and more about IT at MSIP HQ.

In the Marketing and Communications team specifically, our IT skills stretch as far as turning it off and on again and referring to past episodes of the IT Crowd for similar situations (although we do now know that the internet is in fact not in a box on our desks). Luckily our other team members have slightly more knowledge than we do!

But our point is that building a world class Innovation Parc comes with a big to do list. And IT underpins most of that.

At MSIP we want to create a community of collaboration where the best academics, like minded companies large and small, and government can come together to innovate, create the skills of the future and develop new products and processes to tackle the climate emergency head on.  All through the pursuit of Sustainable Mobility and Low Carbon technologies and solutions.

We’re quickly realising that none of that can be achieved if we don’t have the right technology infrastructure in place, right at the start of our journey. That is why we are working with Tullitec to lay down the IT road map of what MSIP needs, which is excellent IT that ‘just works’ for MSIP. Letting us firmly focus on the day job!

We know that technology drives behaviour and the IT decisions we make now will shape behaviours for years to come. We want MSIP to be as efficient and innovative as it can be, to allow our world class Innovation Parc to succeed.

We’re excited to see this work progress and for MSIP’s IT excellence to take shape.

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