In This Together

In This Together

March 19, 2020

We’re very fortunate to live in a connected world, but sometimes we feel more disconnected than ever.

Recent weeks have shown how important our people are to us – our colleagues, friends, family and networks. We all engage in one way or another and it impacts our lives and wellbeing.

And now we find ourselves faced with social distancing. It’s a daunting concept. We’re ok to stay at home, but tell us we should and must, that seems quite scary!

At MSIP we have a truly brilliant team. We are all unique individuals. We all come from different organisations with varying cultures and ways of working. We have one shared goal – to make MSIP a success. And that one goal has shaped us into a really great team.

In this strange time, we are still working hard to create a world leading innovation park in Dundee. We are now doing this from various locations – a combination of several homes, two offices and one factory.

We have a daily team catch up call, a dedicated 30 minutes in our day to check in, say hello and get support if needed.

We have a Whatsapp group, for the less formal daily chit chat, recognising how important general conversation is to us as people, especially amongst our teams who we normally spend several hours a day with.

We have scheduled tea breaks and lunch breaks now in our diary, reminding us how important it is to stop, take a breath, eat and rest our minds. Something that the office environment and busy meetings schedule sometimes lets us forget.

The great outdoors is still there. With much of our social activities now on pause, we are taking time to go for a walk, get fresh air and a have a renewed appreciation for how amazing Scotland is outside our homes.

We are all aware the impact this will have on the economy and are thinking about how we can help. We can order and collect lunch, pick up a coffee to go, acquire ready meals for our freezers or even have our milk delivered to our doorsteps while we sleep. You can access a list of some of these brilliant suppliers here.

Coronavirus, like all businesses, is going to bring MSIP challenges that we must face. We are working hard to foresee what might (or might not) happen and be as prepared as we can be.

Scottish businesses can now access advice and support on dealing with the implications of coronavirus by clicking here. Please share to anyone you think might benefit.

We wish everyone the best in this worrying time. Stay safe and well, and we’ll see you soon!


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