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When I posted my blog piece ahead of the inaugural MSIP Accelerator (powered by Elevator), my optimism that ‘normal’ was just around the corner was high. Five months on and considerable progress has been made in the field of vaccines but not after some false dawns about what society could and couldn’t control using detergents and ‘social’ distancing. What has come through is that the resilience and adaptability of everyone involved in developing my intended community of interest at MSIP and delivery of an interactive and innovative accelerator programme for the eight companies that make up our first cohort.

With challenges has come opportunities and whilst some informal interactions between participants has been lost without the presence of a water-cooler, it has opened up a rich seam (excuse the carbon analogy) of speakers and mentors for which the virtual setting has been convenient and without anyone feeling the disadvantage of being the only ‘remote one’.

The other great power in bringing companies together on a joint journey is building that team spirit and supportive experience often espoused by emotional celebrities emerging from the jungle. It’s genuine and rare to experience when working in the relative isolation of a start-up or SME. Accelerators work because this ‘magic’ extends beyond the exercises and workshops within the programme and into professional, technical and commercial collaborations. This is what has been developing within our cohort – and all done via Zoom/Teams (other VC tools are available…).

We do yearn for the whiteboard, flipcharts and coffee breaks, but the past 5 months has proven whatever difficulties exist, these programmes can deliver huge value and great social interaction. There is still time to apply for Cohort 2 of this fantastic programme, we’d be delighted to help you with that process.

Bob Andrew, Accelerator Manager, Elevator UK

To find out more about our Accelerator Programme click here.

Applications close on the 22nd February 2021, please register your interest here.

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