Exciting Collaboration for Eden Project and Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc

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The Eden Project and Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) have announced a strategic partnership, with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP), a joint venture between Michelin, Dundee City Council and Scottish Enterprise, is a world-class Innovation Parc in Dundee for sustainable mobility and decarbonisation, which aims to drive growth and diversity in the Scottish economy whilst addressing the global climate emergency.

The Eden Project, an educational charity, connects people with each other and the living world, exploring how they can work towards a better future.

The Eden Project recently released the first image of the proposed Eden Project Dundee alongside the announcement of the city’s former gasworks being the preferred site for the attraction. Eden Project Dundee will draw on the history of the city’s Nine Incorporated Trades and is themed around nine new “Guilds” – of Healers, Growers, Navigators, Myth-Makers, Noticers, Alchemists, Celebrators, Menders and “Re-Sourcerors”.

The MoU will bring the Eden Project and MSIP together, to identify innovation and collaboration opportunities that will deliver regeneration and inclusive economic growth across Dundee, and support innovation and entrepreneurship ambitions.

This partnership will allow MSIP to benefit from the Eden Project’s expertise across a range of relevant areas, as well as its extensive experience in biodiversity, sustainability and community engagement activities.

MSIP will actively promote Eden Project initiatives, facilities and expertise to tenants, connecting the Eden Project’s people and knowledge to industry and will consider opportunities to promote biodiversity on the Innovation Parc.

The Eden Project will also have access to MSIP’s Skills Academy to deliver key courses and modules and explore higher level training opportunities.

Sarah Petrie, Innovation Director, MSIP said: “When we heard of Eden Project’s plans for Dundee, we knew there was a strong synergy to MSIP in its vision, focus and ambition – to transform an industrial site into a world-class attraction, focused on the environment and sustainability, to create real regeneration that will benefit Dundee.

“There has been lots of meaningful regeneration happening in Dundee over recent years. MSIP is one part of that, Eden Project is another.

“Together, we will deliver relevant projects focused initially on entrepreneurship and sustainability, that will strengthen our ambition to deliver inclusive economic growth across the city. Through collaboration, we will do great things.”

David Harland, Chief Executive of Eden Project International, said: “We’re delighted to have formed this partnership with MSIP and look forward to working closely with them as our plans for Eden Project Dundee progress. Our work in the city is enabled by the strength and passion of the community and its businesses and institutions. MSIP will play an important role in bringing the Eden Project Dundee plans to fruition.”

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