A day in the life of Gill

A day in the life of Gill

April 22, 2020

I’m Gill and I lead on Marketing and Communications for Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc and here’s some insight into what I do, with a write up from one day of my busy week.

As well as now working from home full time, I have my two little girls, two cats and husband (who is also working from home) with me. It’s a juggle and I’m sure many can relate!

First up, I do a quick email check. Clearing my inbox and setting my to do list for the day.

Then it’s straight into Joe Wick’s Daily workout on YouTube – keeping the whole family fit (except the husband and one of the cats). It turns out calling squats kangaroo jumps, and lunges Spiderman moves does not make them any easier to do!

A quick cup of coffee (and some cereal pushed in the children’s direction with Paw Patrol on) and I join our MSIP Daily Call. We’ve started these in response to working remotely. They’re a great way to stay in touch, say hi and get any help needed.

After the call I put Magic FM on, giving me some background noise (beyond two noisy little girls) to work with. I get my head focused to write a website brief. We’re working towards getting a new fully functioning MSIP website and the first stage of that is to write the brief. Our website is the front facing part of MSIP, so getting the brief right is important.

Lunchtime now. I take orders from my girls on a variation of ham and cheese, ham with no cheese and specific crisp and juice demands. I’m pretty sure that’s not how school dinners work! Once they’ve eaten, they go out in the garden to run around and I eat my lunch and catch up on the news.

It’s 2pm and time to check in with Katie, MSIP’s Marketing Assistant. We chat about how strange our weekends will be and discuss next week’s social media posts. We have a forward plan that Katie manages, and we adapt that as necessary. It’s a great a mix of organised and flexible.

After that I do some emails and search through social media for relevant news for MSIP.

At 4pm I usually have my most productive hour of the day, when the late afternoon panic kicks in. I spend an hour pulling together the bare bones of our new Marketing Plan. We did have a plan, but that has very quickly become irrelevant. So, we are reacting and adapting. I’m hoping to get the plan firmly on paper this week.

5pm and I log off from the working day. Time now for family, cleaning, a short walk and chilling with my tv shows!


Gill Simpson

Marketing and Communications Manager

Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc