A day in the life of Diane

A day in the life of Diane

May 4, 2020

I’m Diane, and I am a bit of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc, working on a wide range of priority areas for Dundee City Council as a key partner in MSIP Ltd. Alongside this, I continue to do my day job for Dundee City Council which can make for some very varied days.

Working from home is a relatively new idea – as an extrovert, I prefer to be in a busy working environment. I am slowly adapting to life as a home worker. This is going on alongside learning to live with my partner full time. We decided he should move in for the duration of the social isolation period.

Each morning  I am trying to do a different flow yoga session from the Deliciously Ella app. I am finding muscles I didn’t know I had. Then after breakfast I set up my home office in the living room and tune in to Radio 2.

This week has seen me focus much of my attention on work for Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc. I join the Monday morning calls where we try to continue the Michelin tradition of a quick 30 minute stand-up round up session where each member of the team covers 3 key things achieved the week before and 3 key areas to concentrate on this week. Of course working from home – I get to do this sitting down now!

On other days I join a Zoom team meeting with my DCC colleagues – we are all adapting to this new way of working – some better than others – and luckily we have a couple of IT experts in our team to offer advice such as how to create a new folder when you don’t have a mouse to setting up your laptop to link to your TV screen.

I try to do 4 hours of work before lunch and this week I have been concentrating on drafting grant offer letters, adapting the Business Case for the development of the Parc to meet the needs of Dundee City Council and our core funders – the Tay Cities Deal Industrial Investment Programme and developing a reporting schedule to enable us to keep our funders informed of progress.

Lunch is generally whatever leftovers we can find in the fridge – we are trying to cook healthy, vegetarian food each evening and there is usually enough for lunch the next day. I feel I am eating better working from home than I usually do in the office – no snacking on the midget gems generally lying around the office.

In the afternoon work continues, I try to catch up with colleagues through calls and plan what needs done the day after.

After work – it’s generally a dose of our once a day outdoor exercise – walking or cycling before dinner and catching up with family and friends, TV and other hobbies.