Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) has awarded Skillfluence, an experienced skills training provider, a major contract to continue the delivery of its successful MSIP Accelerator that will lead the charge for Scotland’s sustainable mobility and decarbonisation sectors.

MSIP, a joint venture between Michelin, Dundee City Council and Scottish Enterprise, is a world-class Innovation Parc in Dundee for sustainable mobility and decarbonisation, which aims to drive growth and diversity in the Scottish economy whilst addressing the global climate emergency.

The MSIP Accelerator has been specifically designed to help ambitious young companies who are developing new solutions in sustainable mobility and decarbonisation achieve a step-change in their business. 

Skillfluence will expand its current offering with the continuation of MSIP’s successful accelerator programme, providing a specialist programme to support Scotland’s Net-Zero carbon ambitions.

Applications of the fully subsidised programme are now being accepted for Cohort 3, which is due to start in August, and participating companies will get access to MSIP’s soon to launch Innovation Lab facilities.

The MSIP Accelerator, part funded by Scottish Enterprise, is one of many initiatives MSIP is undertaking as part of its Innovation Programme, designed to underpin Scotland’s response to the global climate emergency.

Delivered primarily virtually, with some time spent physically at MSIP’s world-class facilities in Dundee, the 16-week programme will provide participants with access to the skills, knowledge, networks and advice to enhance their overall solutions.

Companies can find out more on how to participate in the MSIP Accelerator here. The closing date for applications is 1 July.

Sarah Petrie, Innovation Director at Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc, said “The continuation of MSIP’s Accelerator demonstrates the value that it has already made on industry. With an alumni of 19 companies, we are already seeing clear outputs of success for MSIP and across industry, with the progression of new technology that will get us to net zero.

“I’m excited to be working with Skillfluence and to be launching recruitment for cohort 3 of the MSIP Accelerator. I am confident Skillfluence will deliver a programme that will achieve great results, working with companies to scale up, grow and above all else, deliver upon Scotland’s ambitious transition to net zero.”

Alison Gray, Founder and Director of Skillfluence, said “I’m excited to lead our Accelerator Team to deliver the prestigious Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc Accelerator Programme.  The programme will fast-track ambitious sustainable mobility and decarbonisation companies by supporting them to develop and commercialise their innovative ideas. 

“The Skillfluence Accelerator Team will provide exceptional business advice and support to this year’s successful participants, enabling them to access knowledge, skills, networks and investment to turbocharge their growth.”  

Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) has today shared a first look at the MSIP Skills Academy, which will welcome its first learners in January 2022. 

The MSIP Skills Academy will be delivered by Dundee and Angus College, in partnership with Abertay University, the University of Dundee and the University of St Andrews, along with other supporting and industry partners, bringing skills and knowledge from the college and universities together with industry.  

Through a comprehensive range of training focused on the skills needs of companies, it will offer dedicated skills training to current and future employees of companies located at MSIP and across Scotland.  

The curriculum and delivery style of the MSIP Skills Academy will build on the strong legacy of Dundee and Michelin, inspiring new generations of engineers, technicians and operators to design and manufacture for the sustainable mobility and decarbonisation sectors. 

By offering a broad and flexible curriculum in areas including manufacturing, renewable energy, low carbon transport and battery technology, ranging from entry-level to professional development, the MSIP Skills Academy will be a national skills centre of excellence that will inspire, educate and prepare the future workforce, to accelerate the green recovery. 

Transformation of the space for the MSIP Skills Academy has started, with the curriculum underway from August this year and first learners due to arrive at the physical space in January 2022. The ambition is to have 250 learners accessing the MSIP Skills Academy each year by 2028. 

MSIP took ownership of the former Michelin Dundee site in early 2021, following the Michelin Dundee closure. A £60 million funding package from Michelin and Team Scotland was announced in November 2019, and as part of that, the £20 million physical transformation of the site is now underway.  

MSIP has five tenants that are creating world-leading technology in solar thermal, hydrogen, and lithium-ion batteries, bringing 74 jobs to the Innovation Parc. A further three companies have been secured, with four more expected to announce a decision to locate at MSIP by the end of this year.  

Greig Coull, Chief Executive, MSIP said: “The MSIP Skills Academy connects learners of all ages with businesses and new technologies, to inspire, educate, train and prepare for the future.  

“Delivered in partnership, it provides learners, those located at MSIP and companies across industry in Scotland with skills that are needed to support the just transition to net zero. 

“A big part of our mission at MSIP is to continue the legacy that Michelin Dundee started, supporting learners to train, gain new skills and hands on industry experience, to a standard of excellence. The unique ecosystem we are creating at the MSIP Skills Academy will do that. 

“Our goal is to create jobs, generate economic growth and respond to the climate emergency. The MSIP Skills Academy is a core part of ensuring we do that.” 

Simon Hewitt, Principal, Dundee and Angus College said “Dundee and Angus College is proud to be the lead partner for MSIP in establishing the MSIP Skills Academy. 

“This is a unique opportunity for the college to work with MSIP colleagues to inspire and develop the future workforce to support the companies locating to the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc and beyond. 

“Through the Skills Academy partnership between Dundee and Angus College, Abertay University, University of Dundee and University of St Andrews, public sector agencies and industry partners the academy will truly support the ambition of MSIP and play a central role in delivering the Michelin Dundee legacy in supporting job creation and economic growth whilst supporting the climate emergency through a just transition to net zero.” 

Dundee City Council leader, Councillor John Alexander, said: “This is another hugely exciting development at MSIP, which has made tremendous progress since the closure of the tyre factory in attracting new companies and creating jobs. 

“As we adapt to the economy of the future, with sustainability and the net zero carbon emissions goal at its heart, we need to ensure we have people with the right skills. 

“This is an investment in the local and Scottish workforce and ultimately in the future of the planet. I’m delighted to see that, once again, creative partnership working is helping to build on the Michelin legacy.” 

Minister for Higher Education, Further Education, Youth Employment and Training Jamie Hepburn, said: “The MSIP Skills Academy brings together renowned further and higher education institutions, together with industry, to develop the skills that a net zero Scotland requires. 

“This partnership supports priority areas outlined in the Scottish Government’s Climate Emergency Skills Action plan. It will help learners of all ages to develop new skills and take advantage of the opportunities created in Scotland’s just transition to becoming a net zero nation by 2045. 

“As we think about our green recovery from the pandemic, it’s exciting to know there is now a national learning destination to support jobs in the sustainable mobility and decarbonisation sector.” 

Jerome Monsaingeon, Michelin Group representative on the board of MSIP, said: “The Michelin Group is absolutely committed to sustainability. The MSIP Skills Academy embodies that commitment, developing the talented individuals and supporting the innovative companies we will need to create a prosperous and all-sustainable future.”   

Download our Skills Academy Brochure here.

Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) has partnered with NetZero Funding specialists Greenbackers Investment Capital to offer promising climate and clean technology start-ups a chance to meet and secure finance from investors during a pioneering 6-month investment program in the run up to COP 26, the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, this November.

Selected MSIP entrepreneurs will be featured on a new digital deal platform “The Greenbackers Showcase”. This online investment platform will put the 26 chosen ventures into a “shop window” for the world’s leading investors to meet, review and determine their suitability for funding. The Showcase will culminate in a “SuperPitch” event at COP26 in Glasgow during November and livestreamed to a global investor audience.

Robert Hokin, Managing Partner at Greenbackers commented, “Everyone is talking a good game on sustainability, but growth capital is still not getting to early stage cleantech innovators fast enough to make our net zero ambitions achievable. This program is all about action – getting finance to ventures, 26 of them, that can really move the needle – by introducing them online to our global community of pre-screened, verified investors, all which have a mandate to invest in this sector.”

“The support we are receiving from MSIP is invaluable. As a home for innovators with their 32-hectare campus, the help they provide innovators in commercialising their offerings is a tremendous resource to climate start-ups and a great asset to Scotland overall. We welcome them as very first of many sponsors.“

The Greenbackers team will proactively co-ordinate discussions between participating ventures and investors in order to maximize the potential for investment.

Sarah Petrie, Innovation Director at Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc said: “As part of our innovation programme at MSIP, we want to support innovative, ambitious companies across the sustainable mobility and decarbonisation sector to grow and succeed. If we are to have a successful energy transition and achieve net zero goals, start-up and early-stage clean tech companies must have access to financial backing, to take their technologies to the next level.”

“By partnering with Greenbackers Investment Capital, the companies we select to participate in this 6-month investment programme will get the opportunity to secure finance from the world’s leading investors in climate and clean technology. We are excited to be partnering on such a meaningful and action driven initiative and look forward to seeing the benefits that this will bring.”

Interested parties are invited to attend Greenbackers and MSIP’s COP26 online briefing on 20 May: https://bit.ly/3rCCw4M

For further information contact:

Greenbackers Investment Capital [email protected]

Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc [email protected]

Hydrogen technology company Arcola Energy Ltd will bring up to 135 jobs to the former Michelin site in Dundee over a three-year period, after securing a £1.5million grant from Scottish Enterprise.

The company, which specialises in fuel cell technology integration, will be one of the first tenants at the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) – a joint venture between Dundee City Council, Michelin and Scottish Enterprise on the former tyre factory site to become a world-leading sustainable transport hub.

The Regional Selective Assistance grant will allow the company to progress plans to create a new engineering and manufacturing facility at MSIP in the months ahead. The first phase will bring in around 20 employees to support the Scottish hydrogen train project and product development for hydrogen-powered vehicles, with the remainder being recruited over the next three years as Arcola expands production at the site. Arcola also has a rail engineering facility at the Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway and plans for a service centre in Glasgow.

Arcola CEO Dr Ben Todd said: “We were attracted by MSIP’s ambition to become a leading hub supporting the decarbonisation of Scotland’s transport system and infrastructure, and in particular by the hydrogen production and fuelling facility that MSIP is building to support development and deployment of zero-emission vehicles.  We are very pleased to be an early part of it.

“This new facility will be Arcola’s main manufacturing base, supporting our growing business needs as we expand our range of heavy-duty fuel cell vehicles.”

The company’s new Dundee facility will support their work in adapting heavy-duty vehicles and transport applications to zero-emission, hydrogen-powered solutions, supporting Scotland’s ambitions for a net zero carbon emissions economy.

Andy McDonald, Head of Low Carbon Transition at Scottish Enterprise, said: “This announcement is obviously great news for the company and the people of Dundee, but also in terms of the growth of our sustainable mobility sector.

“The creation of MSIP has been a huge step in supporting the growth of this sector and Arcola will be a really exciting addition to the facility, as well as a real boost to the efforts towards establishing Scotland as a world leader in sustainable mobility.”

Economy Secretary Fiona Hyslop added: “The Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc vision is to be a world class centre of sustainable mobility and low carbon energy. We want Scotland to lead the way in developing and manufacturing the technologies of the future and MSIP will be vital in helping us achieve this.

“This announcement is another positive step forward for MSIP and Dundee as a hub for the green jobs that will be vital to our post-pandemic recovery.”

MSIP CEO Greig Coull said: “When MSIP was established, jobs creation was the priority and that is still the case. Our ambition is to have 850 jobs located at the Innovation Parc by 2028. Today’s announcement is a big step towards achieving that. “I’m pleased Arcola has recognised MSIP as the best place to grow its business. I’m sure the people of Dundee will join me in welcoming this news and I look forward to seeing the impact that Arcola will have at MSIP, but also across the City and Scotland over the coming years.”

For careers help and advice, please visit the following websites.

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https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/ – National Careers Service

Are you interested in learning something new? Check out all of the opportunities available at our local further education providers.

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When I posted my blog piece ahead of the inaugural MSIP Accelerator (powered by Elevator), my optimism that ‘normal’ was just around the corner was high. Five months on and considerable progress has been made in the field of vaccines but not after some false dawns about what society could and couldn’t control using detergents and ‘social’ distancing. What has come through is that the resilience and adaptability of everyone involved in developing my intended community of interest at MSIP and delivery of an interactive and innovative accelerator programme for the eight companies that make up our first cohort.

With challenges has come opportunities and whilst some informal interactions between participants has been lost without the presence of a water-cooler, it has opened up a rich seam (excuse the carbon analogy) of speakers and mentors for which the virtual setting has been convenient and without anyone feeling the disadvantage of being the only ‘remote one’.

The other great power in bringing companies together on a joint journey is building that team spirit and supportive experience often espoused by emotional celebrities emerging from the jungle. It’s genuine and rare to experience when working in the relative isolation of a start-up or SME. Accelerators work because this ‘magic’ extends beyond the exercises and workshops within the programme and into professional, technical and commercial collaborations. This is what has been developing within our cohort – and all done via Zoom/Teams (other VC tools are available…).

We do yearn for the whiteboard, flipcharts and coffee breaks, but the past 5 months has proven whatever difficulties exist, these programmes can deliver huge value and great social interaction. There is still time to apply for Cohort 2 of this fantastic programme, we’d be delighted to help you with that process.

Bob Andrew, Accelerator Manager, Elevator UK

To find out more about our Accelerator Programme click here.

Applications close on the 22nd February 2021, please register your interest here.

Accelerator programmes have truly flourished in recent years and you can find one that meets the market or technology needs of most companies in most geographies. But what are the benefits of going through an Accelerator and why should you consider joining MSIP’s Accelerator?

1 – Learn loads

Accelerators are usually short and intense and the MSIP Accelerator is no different. In just 16 weeks you will reimagine your business plan, your value proposition, learn to listen to your customer and how to pitch effectively. All to help you in accomplishing your vision.

2 – Build relationships

Accelerators are often characterised by their cohorts, a group of selected companies that have the opportunity to work together and learn from each other. At MSIP, our cohort will share an ambition to grow, to make a difference in sustainable mobility and be willing to work collaboratively.

3 – Access wider networks

Business can often benefit greatly from talking to the right person at the right time. Through the MSIP Accelerator you will be become part of the wider MSIP ecosystem of entrepreneurs, partners and support agencies that will open doors for you to reach your ambitious goals.

4 – Attract attention

By joining an Accelerator programme you will often attract the attention of major investors, looking to support the next big thing. Sustainable mobility, decarbonisation, climate tech, whatever you choose to call it, is attracting investment from many directions and we can help you to find that right investment partner for you.

5 – Increase your chances of success

Funding is crucial for long-term sustainability and growth in most start-ups and evidence demonstrates that joining an Accelerator programme increases your chances of achieving success. We are passionate about supporting our cohort companies throughout their growth journey.

6 – Invest in your team

The team behind any company is its most valuable asset with each individual bringing something unique and enabling the team to succeed. During our programme your team will have the opportunity grow and learn, enhancing it’s performance and capabilities at the same time.

7 – Don’t be restricted by a global pandemic

Whilst we would love to have our next MSIP Accelerator cohort to be based at MSIP, we know that this just isn’t possible at the moment. You can still benefit from the unique vision that we have at MSIP by opening your minds to participating virtually.

8 – Technical support

Many Accelerator programmes provide access to specialists and the MSIP Accelerator is no different. Delivered by Elevator UK and with support from Ricardo and Productive, MSIP’s Accelerator provides access to technical know-how which can help you accelerate your product and manufacturing development.

Participating in an Accelerator programme can be hugely beneficial to companies at the right point in their growth and development, helping them to refine their vision, value proposition and ultimately helping them to achieve their ambitions.

If you are a truly ambitious company looking to take the next step in your growth journey and you are prepared to make the investment in the Accelerator programme then we would like to hear from you. In return we will help you to gain a deep understanding of the development, commercial and marketing pathways required to ensure your success.

Sarah Petrie, Innovation Director, MSIP

To find out more about our Accelerator Programme click here.

Applications close on the 22nd February 2021, please register your interest here.

The Climate Emergency is here, that is certain. And the energy industry is adapting at pace.

In 2016 there was widespread panic about the price of oil, and yet the price is now almost double what it was then, operators are still facing a lot of challenges. The industry is under pressure to adapt and address the global climate crisis we now face, while still remaining profitable. Thus, a crisis is always an opportunity.

Since 2016 a lot has happened. The effects of climate change are felt globally. And we are now faced with COVID-19, forcing us to pause and reflect even more.

The energy industry is aware that CHANGE is needed, even O&G companies know this. The energy industry needs to find solutions to tackle this challenge. Within the oil and gas industry it is very common to hear “yes, it is true but how are cars, boats, planes going to work?”. That is a good question, what will the climate friendly vehicle of the future run on?

Tesla has shown how an electric car can be stylish, efficient, and nice. But it is not just Tesla that has shown this. Have you seen the Porche, Taycan? Or looked closer at Nissan? Across the vehicle manufacturing industry, companies are working towards different electric vehicles for the future.

And then we look at hydrogen as a fuel source for vessels and planes. Yes, it is not going to happen overnight, but it is here and will remain for many years to come.  

I am not an expert or guru of any kind, but I truly believe that what the energy industry needs is a revolution in order to make our world a better place to live for future generations. Sustainable Mobility and Decarbonisation play a key role in this mix.

Tesla, Porche and Nissan sound great, but we need more. We need to establish a whole supply chain of technologies to make this happen!

That’s the reason why the MSIP Accelerator was established, to support those SMEs and entrepreneurs with great ideas and projects to make this a reality. From data, software, efficient engines, collectors, tools, etc. everything plays a critical part in this exciting revolution.

Change is inevitable and as the revolutionary GE’s CEO, Jack Welch said “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.”

Thus, another good reason to be part of our forthcoming MSIP Accelerator Cohort 2, to make sure you are in the right place at the right time.

It is true that government and other organisations can do more to help the industry to develop and implement these new solutions. Innovation programmes should be more flexible, better funded and include further tax deductions for those companies and projects, who can offer alternatives to fossil fuels.

This is our contribution.

I am sure there are many people out there with great ideas and plans that may contribute to the end of this crisis. If you are one of them, please apply for the MSIP Accelerator Cohort 2.

David Garcia, Scottish Enterprise

To find out more about our Accelerator Programme click here.

Applications close on the 22nd February 2021, please register your interest here.

Eight start-ups from across Scotland are the first to benefit from an innovative accelerator to help lead the charge for sustainable mobility and low carbon energy.

They have been selected for the programme launched earlier this year by the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) – a joint venture between Dundee City Council, Michelin and Scottish Enterprise.  MSIP appointed Elevator to deliver the programme with an aim to support Scotland’s net zero carbon ambitions.

The MSIP Sustainable Mobility and Low Carbon Innovation Accelerator will coach the cohort of companies and individuals who have developed products, prototypes or investor ready solutions focused on sustainable mobility, clean transport and low carbon energy.

As part of the programme, each founder will work closely with specialist sector delivery partners Ricardo and Productiv to gain industry insight and hands-on experience to break into production and to market. In addition, companies can apply for a grant of a maximum of £10,000 through a funding support package managed by Scottish Enterprise.

Bob Andrew, Elevator’s MSIP Accelerator Manager, said: “The selected start-ups address a wide range of social and environmental challenges and are working towards solutions to help support Scotland’s response to the global climate emergency.

“We are enormously excited about having this opportunity to work alongside MSIP and Scottish Enterprise to achieve our collective objective of bolstering zero emission transport and zero carbon energy emission technologies. We are confident we will deliver huge benefits to sustainable mobility and low carbon energy companies that are ready to scale and grow.”

Greig Coull, CEO of Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc said: “I’m excited to see such a great variety of participants for our first sustainable mobility and low carbon energy accelerator. Each of the companies selected is incredibly relevant, exploring new technology and innovative solutions in key areas that are critical towards a greener future.

“This accelerator programme will compliment all of the other activity we have at MSIP. I anticipate a strong and positive future between MSIP and the companies taking part, both during the programme and after its completion.

“Our goal is to create jobs, grow the economy and help Scotland to achieve it’s net-zero ambitions. This accelerator will contribute towards the delivery of all three.”

The four-month programme will kick off on 19th October with the initial sessions held virtually, in view of the COVID-19 crisis.

Scottish Enterprise commercial director Derek Shaw said: “The Accelerator programme perfectly illustrates the vision for MSIP to be at the forefront of innovation in low carbon transport and energy. These start-ups already have the innovative ideas and ability which will help us not only achieve Scotland’s ambitious net zero carbon targets, but also to be a world leader in the field.

“The support and expertise they will access through the Accelerator will ensure they are ready to take the next step forward and help create quality jobs and grow a sustainable and greener economy.”

Companies selected for the inaugural MSIP Accelerator powered by Elevator are:

  • SolarisKit: developed and tested the world’s first flat-packable solar thermal collector, a device which can effectively convert sunlight into hot water at temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius.
  • Intra Drive: specialists in design of innovative motor and gearbox technology, currently developing a new ebike powertrain technology, which offers improved performance and unrivalled durability.
  • Frisco Projects: a company driving forward its Frisco e-Bikes (FEBs) and the Frisco Solar Docks (FSDs) covering all aspects from design, manufacturing and assembly through to operation and maintenance.
  • Power to Go Hydro Ltd.: developers of an inflatable waterwheel to generate renewable energy for the world’s future transport, domestic and light industry needs.
  • Genista Energy: design and installs ready-configured and custom battery systems for renewable energy applications across the commercial, industrial and agricultural industries.
  • Power Circle: offers an innovative business model that enables social landlords and others to benefit from local energy systems which generate, store and trade energy to achieve a climate positive solution (net negative emissions).
  • LIND: developed a domestic heating technology that incorporates low-cost energy storage suitable for supporting renewable energy and energy systems.
  • Scene Connect Ltd: founders of energy service platform ZUoS’ which optimises energy consumption at household and community level.

I’m Colin Arnold, Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc’s Business Development Manager.

Across my career I’ve worked for many companies, large and small, including NCR, Texol and Axeon. My last 4 years has been spent in the lithium-ion cell industry working at the UK’s only powder to power factory in Thurso for AGM Batteries, now AMTE Power, developing world leading technology. And now I am leading on Business Development at MSIP.

I’m excited to play my part in delivering a unique and crucial Innovation Park in Dundee, focused on sustainable mobility and low carbon energy.

What I’ve found throughout my career is that despite many setbacks, Dundee defies the odds and continually re-invents itself. And MSIP is no different!

Transforming a tyre manufacturing site into an innovation park is the ultimate reinvention. But why sustainable mobility and low carbon energy?

Scotland has the perfect platform to build an entire new low carbon industry. Some might say that achieving the zero emission targets is too big a challenge. But the transformation to net zero is vital to our economy and will create thousands of long term and skilled jobs, bring inward investment and drive export opportunities for our technology, products and services.

Scotland has an abundance of renewable resources and an innovative spirit that is second nature, proven time and again. We have had many opportunities in the past to build a long-term sustainable manufacturing sector that taps into that innovation. But sometimes these opportunities have been missed.  

We now have a chance to maximise these opportunities – all the ingredients are there. And MSIP and our partners will be key catalysts to make it happen.

MSIP will be the home of a unique range of companies and organisations at every stage of the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) roadmap – from light bulb moments, all the way to scaled up volume manufacture. Consider the end goal and the journey required to make it there, and MSIP will assist at every step on the development path.

MSIP tackles the innovation and skills gap. It promotes the building of a long-term Scottish manufacturing base, underpinned by a robust local supply chain and skills offer. All with a common goal to promote a sustainable mobility and low carbon energy future.

The current COVID-19 crisis has been a game changer and may change the way we do things forever. The economy has taken a massive hit, making MSIP more critical than ever. Innovative thinking is needed and must be part of how we work, learn and support each other.

Tapping into this innovative ethos and nurturing opportunities for growth, we have launched recruitment for our first Accelerator Programme. This 16-week programme, delivered by Elevator alongside partners including Ricardo and Productive, is looking for SME companies primarily engaged in developing products and services in sustainable mobility and low carbon energy from all geographies.

We are holding two information events, on 8 and 14 September, to provide further details to interested participants.

You can register to attend one of our information sessions here – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/msip-sustainable-mobility-accelerator-information-session-tickets-119391183243

Or to register interest in participating in our Accelerator, click here – https://www.elevatoruk.com/accelerators/msip-accelerator/ 

The timing and location of this programme couldn’t be better. The first participants will gain confidence from the Elevator team, led by Bob Andrew, and the partners involved. And by being a part of MSIP, I hope our vision for the future will inspire.

Colin Arnold, Business Development Manager, MSIP Dundee