The 8 benefits of joining MSIP’s Accelerator Programme

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Accelerator programmes have truly flourished in recent years and you can find one that meets the market or technology needs of most companies in most geographies. But what are the benefits of going through an Accelerator and why should you consider joining MSIP’s Accelerator?

1 – Learn loads

Accelerators are usually short and intense and the MSIP Accelerator is no different. In just 16 weeks you will reimagine your business plan, your value proposition, learn to listen to your customer and how to pitch effectively. All to help you in accomplishing your vision.

2 – Build relationships

Accelerators are often characterised by their cohorts, a group of selected companies that have the opportunity to work together and learn from each other. At MSIP, our cohort will share an ambition to grow, to make a difference in sustainable mobility and be willing to work collaboratively.

3 – Access wider networks

Business can often benefit greatly from talking to the right person at the right time. Through the MSIP Accelerator you will be become part of the wider MSIP ecosystem of entrepreneurs, partners and support agencies that will open doors for you to reach your ambitious goals.

4 – Attract attention

By joining an Accelerator programme you will often attract the attention of major investors, looking to support the next big thing. Sustainable mobility, decarbonisation, climate tech, whatever you choose to call it, is attracting investment from many directions and we can help you to find that right investment partner for you.

5 – Increase your chances of success

Funding is crucial for long-term sustainability and growth in most start-ups and evidence demonstrates that joining an Accelerator programme increases your chances of achieving success. We are passionate about supporting our cohort companies throughout their growth journey.

6 – Invest in your team

The team behind any company is its most valuable asset with each individual bringing something unique and enabling the team to succeed. During our programme your team will have the opportunity grow and learn, enhancing it’s performance and capabilities at the same time.

7 – Don’t be restricted by a global pandemic

Whilst we would love to have our next MSIP Accelerator cohort to be based at MSIP, we know that this just isn’t possible at the moment. You can still benefit from the unique vision that we have at MSIP by opening your minds to participating virtually.

8 – Technical support

Many Accelerator programmes provide access to specialists and the MSIP Accelerator is no different. Delivered by Elevator UK and with support from Ricardo and Productive, MSIP’s Accelerator provides access to technical know-how which can help you accelerate your product and manufacturing development.

Participating in an Accelerator programme can be hugely beneficial to companies at the right point in their growth and development, helping them to refine their vision, value proposition and ultimately helping them to achieve their ambitions.

If you are a truly ambitious company looking to take the next step in your growth journey and you are prepared to make the investment in the Accelerator programme then we would like to hear from you. In return we will help you to gain a deep understanding of the development, commercial and marketing pathways required to ensure your success.

Sarah Petrie, Innovation Director, MSIP

To find out more about our Accelerator Programme click here.

Applications close on the 22nd February 2021, please register your interest here.

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