26 Facts About MSIP to Celebrate 26 Weeks to COP26

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This week marks 26 weeks to COP26. That got us thinking…

We set our team a challenge to list 26 facts about MSIP, everything from the useful, interesting and wonderful.

  1. We are currently transforming what was a tyre factory into an Innovation Parc focused on sustainable mobility and decarbonisation.
  2. The Innovation Parc will comprise of two key parts – industrial space and an Innovation Campus.
  3. We have a team of 17 – a great bunch of people making our ambition a reality.
  4. Our Innovation Campus will have an Innovation Hub, Innovation Labs and the Fulhame Building offering light industrial units, as well as open, outdoor space for collaboration, relaxing and creating the ideas for the future.
  5. Our Skills Academy will launch later this year, bringing our first learners to MSIP. We can’t wait to welcome them!
  6. Our tenant companies are some of the most innovative companies out there  –  SolarisKit, MEP Technologies, Arcola and Swarco. You should check them out!
  7. MSIP will be home to LOCATE, a drivetrain testing facility to support the development of zero emission heavy and niche vehicle platforms.
  8. The entire space at MSIP covers 32 hectares – that’s the equivalent of 49 football pitches and adds up to around 11,088 steps when walked.
  9. Our largest building – Foote and Telkes – is 20,000 m2 (just less than four football pitches).
  10. MSIP is located in Dundee, Scotland’s sunniest City – a true fact backed up by scientific data that shows Dundee records more sunshine than anywhere else in Scotland…
  11. …and our Foote and Telkes Building has the capacity to have solar panels fitted across the roof, giving the potential to generate a lot of solar energy in Scotland’s sunniest City!
  12. We have two wind turbines at MSIP, owned and run by Ecotricity and they are each 85m high – that’s 4.5 V&A Dundee’s piled up on top of each other!
  13. These two wind turbines can each generate enough energy in a year to make 350 million cups of tea.
  14. The power generated from the two turbines means those located at MSIP can access off grid electricity, developed from a natural green source – the wind – which on the East Coast of Scotland is something we have plenty of!
  15. One side of MSIP is neighboured by the Dighty Burn, a stream that is 12 miles in length that flows through the north and east of Dundee.
  16. The other side of MSIP is neighboured by the Fithie Burn, a stream that flows 2 miles west southwest of Tealing in Angus, then east and southeast for 7 miles before joining the Dighty Water at Baldovie.
  17. Dundee has one of the highest concentrations of electric vehicles (EVs) and offers one of the most connected EV charging environments, across the whole of the UK.
  18. We have Electric Vehicle charge points already at MSIP that are free to use, with plans to install more as we welcome more companies and visitors.  
  19. MSIP is home to a variety of wildlife – this week alone we have spotted a family of deer, rabbits, pheasants and a Kestrel. However, studies have yet to reveal any variety of protected species, and/or bats.
  20. The RRS Discovery, located in Dundee and just a ten-minute drive from MSIP, undertook the world’s first climate change research, something that is still used as the benchmark for climate change scientists to this day…
  21. …and just next door to the RRS Discovery is the V&A Dundee Museum of Design, the first Victoria and Albert Museum in the world located outside of London.
  22. MSIP is built on the site of an old farm and orchard, and the remains of an icehouse still resides on the land at MSIP.
  23. The MSIP site had a bleaching works in the 19th/early 20th century, linked to the Dundee textile industry.
  24. MSIP is at the direct opposite point to Papatowai, Otago, New Zealand.
  25. If you Google MSIP, you get about 2,770,000 results.
  26. We have launched our plans to hold a large Demonstrator and Showcase Event on 11 and 12 November 2021 and would love for you to be a part of that. You can find more information out here.
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